20 September 2008

Where did August go?

I promised there would be music for August- and in my best attempt to recreate the songs that characterized by first month in Nashville is an exercise in nostalgia since I lost all my music from my computer and all my song lists created for the purpose of remembering. So here goes...yes, there are only four this month.

1. Stay Positive- The Hold Steady

Not only have I been completely obsessed with The Hold Steady (as you can tell from previous posts, but you'll be happy to hear that I'll be spending my first Halloween in Nashville with them at the world renowned Ryman Auditorium. It'll be my first show at the Ryman and I should say a perfect one at that. So, why this song? Why in August? During my last trip to Charlotte before moving, I made a make-shift ring tone on my phone by voice recording this song while it blared out of my radio. This means that I have a ring tone that sounds like a distorted, fucked up version of the song. Since this point, I've simply been busy to change it. Yes, it is still like this.

I think I have mentioned, but the day my computer died...I sat with my head in hands, frustrated...and there were tears. My mom called me to check in...and while in a moment of desiring to "give up" in some dramatic over-the-top sense, I heard this ring tone. And it save me from hours of frustration. I just gave in and wiped the computer clean. It was refreshing.

Not to mention, my absolute favorite line is "and the sing-a-long songs will be our scriptures..." I couldn't have written it better myself. How perfect.

2. Time to Move On- Tom Petty

My first visit to my new home in Nashville. It was before sunrise. Transitions. Change. It is all here.

3. The Breeze- Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog is one of the bands I've had the privilege of seeing now that I live in a town where bands actually stop and visit. It was at a cool little bar called 3rd and Lindsley. It was also one of the first albums I bought at the record store here.

"Do you feel like you are stuck in time, forever waiting on that line, if nothing ever moves, put that needle to the groove, and sing."


And yes, they are fantastic live.

4. What You Become- Nik Freitas

Another album I bought shortly after moving to Nashville. One of my last days of orientation here at school, my entire cohort was given a speech about the process of graduate school. We were told to avoid worrying about the practical for the time being, to let ourselves soak up the experience of graduate school- and then to let it form us into what we'll become. I've heard that quite a bit since I've been here- that I'm apparently going to be different, molding and changing throughout the process. I think this song speaks to that experience.

"This is where you belong...This is what you become, this is what you become..."

And I promise, pictures will be back for September.

04 September 2008

Where did the music go for August?

I promise there is a "top five" for August. Besides losing my entire Itunes (with my top lists) due to a hard drive crash- I've also been a bit inundated reading about music, audit studies, stata, and chicago to even LISTEN to music. I plan to remedy this soon...and will shortly present a long over due list of music for August.