25 February 2009

Another European Robbed!

Yes, Hosea is a tool. Carla is giving love. Save me- why is it wrong to be the best at something? Apparently, you can be successful, but dare not speak of it.

On another note-

That's right- Music Is Memory is taking over my old blog. If you'd like to read old archives- http://www.bittersweetkatherine.blogspot.com/

Otherwise, I'm synthesizing the two blogs. Enjoy.

I'm leaving for Puerto Rico tomorrow morning. I'll post some pictures and keep you updated.

How a Member of Pavement Stole My Wedding Idea or How I Crashed a Member of Pavement's Wedding Reception

This past Saturday morning, we received a phone call from a friend in town. He heard about a show that was potentially taking place at a small club in East Nashville. When Tim phoned him to find out about this "exciting surprise show," I quickly dismissed it as something I probably wasn't interested in- and decided to retreat to the shower. I partially figured if it was of great interest, Tim would disrupt my shower to tell me the news. After the shower, I casually asked Tim the news. He mentioned in reply that the story around town was that Pavement was going to reunite. And where were they going to have this infamous reunion? A local bar in East Nashville.

Throughout the day, the story grew. Not only was Pavement going to reunite and play- but the Silver Jews were also going to play. Being a "glass half empty" kind of gal, I assumed I'd be spending my evening working on statistics- not accompanying Tim to what I assumed would be a complete clusterfuck of people waiting for an event I couldn't imagine ever taking place.

As the hours passed, I started rationalizing much as I would imagine a person given a jail sentence might. I begin to think about how I'd feel as I was typing in "reg price hp" into Stata, while Tim phoned me to tell me that the band was performing "Shady Lane." I mean, what if it was true? What if I missed the opportunity to see Stephen Malkmus because I ached to finish homework? I think I even uttered- and please, Gods of Rock n' Roll forgive me- but I said, "I think I'm just too old for rock n' roll."

What decision did I make? Fuck, of course I went.

We arrived at the 5 Spot around 8. It wasn't too crowded, but you could tell that the place was already filled with folks who had also heard "the news." We all sat around pretty quietly. There were head nods of acknowledgement- but not obvious recognition of the potential- lest we jinx the whole event.

From 8 to 10, the place became increasingly packed. Talk turned to the possibility. Hell, we all had imbibed enough by then, we were no longer pretending. I became fascinated with the sheer excitement that filled a packed bar in East Nashville. Folks in their 30's that had perhaps never had the chance to see Pavement back in the day, longing to relive some part of a scene they had barely experienced.

Around 10-ish, I became engaged in some bathroom conversation with other ladies who were speculating about the possibility of Pavement playing. And then the buzzkill- a woman said to me, "I don't know why everyone is here- Pavement isn't playing." In a moment of curiosity, I asked, "Well, who is playing?" She replied, "My band."

I'll admit. I had become a convert. I couldn't believe this woman was lying to me. How could she? What was she hiding?

As I watched her set up her equipment on stage- I became concerned. And then the band started playing. The funny thing is that regardless of the fact that a band was playing, we didn't leave. But why not? I'll tell you why not- because we are some observant motherfuckers. The story of why Pavement might even be in the vicinity became well passed around the club- there was a wedding. The guys from Pavement and David Berman would be at the wedding. They would all arrive afterwards. As people mysteriously dressed in suits and dresses started arriving at the 5 Spot- there was nothing that could stop our belief. It is going to happen. But what?

Would Pavement really play? Would the Silver Jews play? We could only speculate as the band on stage played some Lionel Ritchie songs. If it wasn't going to happen, at least I was enjoying some great music.

And then- confirmation. David Berman entered the 5 Spot. I swear the whole back of the bar froze on the spot.

But there was still the waiting...

And then, more people poured in from the wedding. I've never been one to recognize band members- but I was informed from some very observant co-conspirators that the drummer and bassist were in the house. And then finally...

I realized Stephen Malkmus was singing the song Love Train. It was fantastic.

I had a grand time. I loved every minute. I was jealous as the bride danced on the stage to her friends playing soul music. Wait, wasn't this my idea of a wedding plan? And then at times I felt like I had accidentally ended up at a wedding reception I wasn't invited too. But trust me, when I was standing a mere 2 feet away from Malkmus, I just didn't care.

As we walked (some of us stumbled) to the car, I looked up to discover that Malkmus was walking directly in front of us- also leaving. He turned around and walked towards us and asked us one simple question-

"How do I get to Gallatin?"

You can read more about the more public dialogue of this whole debacle- and see pictures. Apparently there are already youtube videos too. Thankfully I'm not where to be found in the pictures/videos.

11 February 2009

Not Yet Redeemed

Not only has iTunes made it incredibly easy for me to casually purchase songs on a whim, they have also made it ridiculously easy to "gift" a song for someone. This seems rather fantastic to me. Instead of telling someone they should hear a certain song for a small fee, you can send the song to the person. I anticipate the future need for a drunk-purchasing feature to protect me from myself...so let's get working on that Apple.

Regardless, I never realized- until today that although you may gift a song to someone, this doesn't always mean the recipient of your gift will actually redeem the song. A sad little gift song left "not yet redeemed." Volumes, it speaks.

08 February 2009

Where, oh where are my postings?

I'm watching the Grammy's right now- and honestly, I can think of a hundred better ways to use my time- such as posting my songs from last month- but I'm spellbound by just how out of touch I am with popular music.