21 December 2008

Multicollinearity: Holiday Music for Nerds

Here is the 2008 holiday mix.

Bye Bye Bye- Plants and Animals
Some Kinda Love- The Velvet Underground
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right- Bob Dylan
Sun Down- Nik Freitas
Everyone I Know Is Listening to Crunk- Lightspeed Champion
I Wanna Be Like You- The Morning Benders
You Have to Be Joking- The Flaming Lips
Teenage Kicks- Nouvelle Vague
Yeah Sapphire- The Hold Steady
Geography- Thao
Trouble In Mind- Sister Rosetta Tharpe
My Only Offer- Mates of State
Calling and Not Calling My Ex- Okkervil River
The Worm In the Apple- Ezra Furman and the Harpoons
I've Been Loving You Too Long- Otis Redding

I've also posted a link to the iMix in case you'd like to find the songs online or you forgot to thank me sometime in the last 5 years.

06 December 2008

Top Five of November

Here we go...the top five of November...

1. Tabula Rasa- Rig 1

Here's the thing. I don't really know anything about Rig 1. A few weeks ago, I attended the Conor Oberst and Mystic Valley performance in Atlanta. Upon arriving at the venue, I walked in and noticed that a fella was on stage "popping and locking." At first glance, I thought it was Conor himself. For some reason, I quickly decided that standing in the beer line was more necessary. So, I missed their entire set. And to be honest, it isn't really my style, though I can say it is interesting.

So, how did it end up in the top five? There are numerous reasons, though mostly, because my mom and I had the pleasure of meeting some of the fellas from the band at the hotel after the show. They were all friendly and funny. They gave us t-shirts and stickers. They listened to us talk about a myriad of things, while feigning interest. Plus I figured they could use a shout out.

2. I Melt With You- Nouvelle Vague

If I know little about Rig 1, I know even less about Nouvelle Vague. But I can say this, I can't get enough of their cover songs. They are beautiful. This song in particular will always remind me of watching the movie, Valley Girl. I immediately fell in love with this song, who didn't?

3. Say Yes- Elliott Smith

In an attempt to re-populate my Itunes library, I came across this album. Thankfully Tim still had the cd. I think my copy surprisingly was broken in some late night situation back in the St. Julien days. I thought cds were suppose to be indestructible? Wasn't that the selling point? Regardless, I came across this song- and I have the most banal memory. I was sitting in my truck, backing up in the driveway across my old apartment- listening to this song. It must have been 1998. That's it. I don't know what else it is attached with- just that moment. It's a fantastic song nonetheless.

4. Slip Away- Clarence Carter

Oh, how my Itunes Genius knows me. I was scrolling through suggestions earlier this month- and there it was. Genius informed me that I should love this song. And guess what? I do. But why not Strokin'? Why not, Genius?

5. Cocaine Blues- Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

I'm not having any type of wild graduate school experience, but rather I've become completely compelled by this particular performance lately. It might have something to do with public television in Nashville. A few nights in a row, they featured documentaries about Johnny Cash. One was about this performance. Can you imagine the sheer excitement of this concert?

So, what is happening with this list this month? It feels completely disjointed and odd to say the least. It has to do with the fact I've been writing and reading non-stop for the last month. It also has to do with the preparation of my annual holiday cd. I didn't want to expend all of my energy on this month at the detriment of my the holiday mix. So, check the mailbox, it'll be there soon enough.