29 June 2010

25 mosquito bites, 1 wasp sting, 2 protests, 2 baseball games, 2 shots of passion fruit chichaito, and 1 lovely couple

I've now officially been in Puerto Rico for over one week. While I had expected that by the time I had reached my second week, I would have felt a tinge of homesickness...but instead, I felt a little sadness that one week has already passed and that only five more remain.

And here are some highlights from the first week:

1) The discovery of Manic Monday dance parties at Cafe 103.

2) The wonderful cooking delights of Magaly.

3) Attending two UPR student protests in Old San Juan and Rio Piedras.

4) Learning from Carlos and Paco that Chinese restaurants serve fries/tostones with everything.

5) Seeing the plaza in downtown Caguas with Carlos.

6) Celebrating the Night of San Juan with Jorell, Magaly, Mario, and Egie.

7) Sharing pineapple and sugar cane (after the Jardin Botanico protest) with Abner, Jorell, Diego, and Rosael.

8) Going to Luquillo with Egie for a birthday party and having an impromptu Motown dance party on the way to Cafe 103.

9) Drinking 40s in the afternoon with Mario, Noelia, Diego, Rosael, Jorell, and Magaly.

9) Game One of the Mets- Marlins series with Mario, Jorell and Magaly. Game Two of the Mets-Marlins series with Carlos. Game Two was perhaps the most exciting Major League baseball game I have ever attended.

10) Learning helpful (and often) used phrases and songs. Some of which I won't be saying as often.

11) Having a lovely afternoon of Museo de Arte and coffee with Magaly.

12) Singing Neutral Milk at Los Tres Cuernos with new friends.

13) Watching a beautiful couple dance to Billy Joel among other fantastic songs on the jukebox at El Batey. While I'm generally a pretty pessimistic person when it comes to love and marriage...I must say, for a few moments while I watched this couple dancing, I had hope. Hope that it isn't all forced and fake. Hope that underneath the broodiness it exists. Hope that it might be posible. At least until Ralph told me, "They know we are watching them. That's why they seem so happy."

You know that song from Dirty Dancing...the time of the life song. Yes, that one. It is true. I am having the time of my life. Hell, I wonder if they've got this on the iPod at Los Tres Cuernos?

Puerto Rico Week One