04 November 2008

We are the Champions!

Congratulations Obama and Biden!

I never knew I felt patriotic. Not until tonight.

Hint: Play Queen's "We are the Champions."

02 November 2008

Top Five for October (plus one runner-up)...

Right, so I had trouble narrowing down- and this is even after dropping a song from Blonde on Blonde off the list...Again, in no particular order...

1. Fever- Takka Takka

For some reason, I like this song. I know that is a terrible way to start out an introduction, but this is the thing- I don't know the first thing about this band. Even upon downloading this picture of them, I thought, Really? I'm always the last person to know what a band looks like, so no surprise there. I bought the soundtrack for the movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and I haven't even seen the movie. Why did I buy the soundtrack? There seems to be a strong correlation between movie soundtracks that I enjoy and Michael Cera movies. Go figure.

2. Another World- Antony & The Johnsons

There is just something spectacular about Antony and The Johnsons. Moving. Spare. Almost desperate at times. And absolutely beautiful. While I'm listening to it again now, there is a train in the distance- and I had to take my headphones off to verify that the train isn't in the song- because it sounds like the type of song that should have a train in the background.

"I'm going to miss the sea. I'm going to miss the snow. I'm going to miss the bees. Miss the things that grow..."

3. I Won't Ever Be Happy Again- Bright Eyes

The story here- many, many years ago, I had a wonderful 3 song cd of Bright Eyes songs that were recorded with some random label. I loved those songs. They were raw. At some point in my many moves, I managed to lose this cd. When I find a random box of cd's in a closet, I always search through hoping to find this very cd...but to no avail. The other day, I looked on Itunes and discovered it had been re-recorded and was now available. Oh, the sweetness. In particular, I remembered back when I listened to this song numerous times in the course of one day (and often more than that on some late night drive home), I received a fortune cookie with the fortune that asked "Why does the apple fall to the ground?" I was perplexed by this fortune. And I seemed to find an answer here in this song.

"Well the forest fenced becomes backyards, like songs are born from sounds. And the apple fell and it taught us all that we are chained here to the ground. So I mean here we go, but there ain't no escape, no, these streets are just dead-ends..."

Yes, the apple falls to the ground because it's too heavy, right?

4. Mississippi- Bob Dylan

Dylan. New Album. Rare recordings. I adore this song.

"City is just a jungle. More games to play. We are trapped in the heart of it, trying to get away. I was raised in the country, been working in the town. Been in trouble since I set my suitcase down..."

5. Ride into the Sun- Luna

When I hear this song, it is 1996. I'm sitting in a dorm room. I'm drinking coffee or maybe it was brandy- depending on the time of day. My mom introduced to me this song all those years ago. I think I also remember seeing Luna with my mom, while she simply screamed the title of this song over and over again until the band finally gave in and performed it. When I heard this song, I thought of the power of music to bring those memories bubbling to the surface. It is almost as if the narrative of my previous self is inscribed right onto every note and lyric. I can visualize my old room. I can voyeuristically remember myself at that age. Or wait, do they just call this getting old?

Runner Up. Bruises- Chairlift

I know, how completely un-cool of me to list a song that is probably driving everyone crazy from the Ipod commercials...but fuck, it is catchy. It is a good song, which is what makes those advertising folks so incredibly successful. Since I'm trying to salvage some hip-ness, I decided to place it at the runner-up position. It is the type of song that makes you happy to walk through the leaves, embracing the cold chill in the weather.